I mainly draw Hetalia. I also take requests! [OPEN]
So go ahead and request anything! If you're too shy, do it as anon!

There will be random reblogs, spoilers, cussing, nsfw, and weird stuff.

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When you make your own character too hot


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Wonderful birthday anon wanted kissing RusCan for their upcoming birthday, so here it is! I hope you like it! :) Happy birthday and make sure to eat one of your favorite foods for me! ;)

I definitely enjoyed drawing this. And Russia wearing coats? UNF.

Art by me.


This week I’ll be working on a couple of requests. This message is so anons know I got the messages :)

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i can’t wait until i’m older and have a serious relationship like think of how much fun that would be every single night would be like a sleepover with your best friend and you could make pancakes at 3 in the morning and uncontrollably snuggle when you’re bored  

This is exactly what happens when you’re married. I can attest to that! XD

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Hetaoni is a fanmade game for Hetalia, which is the English version of Au Oni, which was the Japanese version, I…

Ah, now I see. I did google it as soon as I read the ask, but thank you for answering anyway since google didn’t tell me much. I did find a link to the wiki, I’m going to read it now :)

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do you happen to draw hetaoni?

Lovely anon, unfortunately I don’t know what hetaoni is! Sorry!

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ok but there was a bus filled with potatoes driving around my town today



My favorite bus. I love potatoes.

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http://axiul.tumblr.com/post/100506104149/omg-i-was-lurking-through-the-kink-meme-yesterday →


OMG I was lurking through the kink meme yesterday, and I found the most amazing prompt ever. IT CALLED TO ME. They want America and Mexico to get married, but it’s a crazy story because England and Spain don’t want to be “related” to each other (and constantly fight), and France self-assigns…

I need help with something regarding Mexico for this story. Is there a follower of mine I can ask this question? Thank you!

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The satisfaction that it brings me when lines of code are perfectly aligned as they go down the page


*stays home* i should’ve gone out

*goes out* i should’ve stayed home








Who’s Fiona?

A lovely anon asked for some Iruka and Kakashi cuddling!

Nothing fuels me like needy Kakashi and happy to oblige Iruka.

Art by me.




i hate when people call their grandparents weird names instead of grandma and grandpa like babooshka or salami

people speak other languages you complete fuckwit

Omg! I would totes call my grandpa salami!!!

I just call him grandpa or tata xD

Nona and Nono XD

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